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The pavement fatigue carrousel

The fatigue carrousel of Ifsttar is a road traffic simulator designed to study the behavior of real scale pavements under accelerated heavy traffic. By its characteristics (track average perimeter of 120m, loading speed up to 100 km/h), it is one of the largest facilities of this type in the world.

To learn more about it :

  • Download the carrousel information flyer (pdf - 5,6 MB) ;

  • Discover in 2 min how to build a test track on a carrousel ring thanks to this time lapse video recorded for the BioRepavation project :

    <iframe frameborder="0" width="40%" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="true" min-height="300" src=""></iframe>
    Construction of a carrousel test track (2 min)

  • On the occasion for the 35th anniversary of the pavement carrousel, the LAMES has organized a seminar for the different actors of the public and private sectors.
    You can find the presentations on this page.